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About Accupoint

AccuPoint™ Injection and Puncture Instruments, the needles, syringes, puncture instruments division of AdvaCare Pharma USA, is an internationally recognized manufacturer and one of the fastest growing brands internationally. Our products are distributed in both the retail and hospital sectors across Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America, with a focus on the developing world.

Our wide product range allows us to scale our resources resulting in added value for our consumers, and ultimately the end user. We strive to provide quality products at an affordable price point to meet the demands of our consumers, whilst maintaining a Vested Supplier-Distributor Relationship. This can be achieved thanks to the high quality standards of the raw materials used for our products, and our refined internal processes which result in an efficient supply chain, and the transparent manner in which we conduct business. We are committed to getting our products in the hands of those that need it most and contribute to the global effort, to better health standards worldwide.

Ministries of Health across the world often have many requirements which ensure products entering the country meet the required standards and quality. At AccuPoint™ our team understands this and so is able to handle all matters relating to registering our product, and also provides the necessary documentation to succeed in the registration process. We will support our customers throughout the process to make sure registration is completed as efficiently as possible, in order to begin the importation of our products.



Quality is key to the production process at AccuPoint™, and we achieve this by maintaining the highest level of quality and safety for our consumers. At AccuPoint™ our production facilities use only high quality raw materials, are routinely inspected, and all products are rigorously tested to ensure that all standards and demands are met. AccuPoint™ Injection and Puncture Instruments comply with the strictest regulatory standards for manufacturing procedures and product testing for which reason our products are ISO, and is CE marked, and USFDA approved.


AccuPoint™ Injection and Puncture Instruments provides high quality products at a low price point. This can be achieved as we are an American owned and managed company with our production based in China. With this we can uphold our advanced processes, which result in an efficient and effective supply chain, whilst producing at competitive prices.


Unlike other brands which provide little room for changes to products to meet certain requirements, AccuPoint™ has a flexible production method which allows us to adjust our products to meet the needs and requirements of specific countries, in order to succeed in each market. Although we do have a standardized product range, we always do our upmost to meet the requirements of our distributors.

The AccuPoint™ Injection and Puncture Instruments range includes products that are suitable for retail and hospital use. Our range includes Auto-Disable Syringes, Disposable Syringes, Insulin Syringes, Infusion Sets, IV Cannulas, IV Catheters, Scalp Vein Sets, Needles, Surgical Blades, Blood Transfusion Bags, and Blood Transfusion Sets all of which are available in various specifications and packaging.


At AccuPoint™ we value our distributors and the desire to gain market share as quickly as possible, and so support them in their marketing needs. We constantly analyze market needs to design a comprehensive marketing strategy, and with the employment of our creative efforts, and a tailored-made strategy we are able to maximize the awareness of our brand in each target market. At AccuPoint™ we are specialists in marketing, so enable us to work directly with you to help develop your market.

We offer support by:

  • Providing customized promotional items and informational material.
  • Providing strategic support to enable rapid market penetration.
  • Providing high quality packaging, which is designed by AccuPoint™.
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