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GUIDEWIRES,, are sterile, non-pyrogenic and are made specially from high-quality stainless steel, utilizing a sophisticated construction process combined with the added precision and design needed for today’s advanced and complex medical procedures and are intended for use with diagnostic and therapeutic catheters as well as interventional devices with the coronary and peripheral vasculature.
Accupoint guidewires are mainly used to gain ureteral access, to establish a track, and to assist in the placement, replacement, and exchange of medical devices during urological and interventional procedures and to assist in inserting, positioning, and moving a catheter. Guidewires vary in size, length, stiffness, composition, and shape of the tip.
Accupoint Guidewires have a hydrophilic coating to reduce friction during deployment and for easier movement in tortuous vessels.

BENEFITS OF Guidewires

Helps in navigating vessels to access a lesion or vessel segment

provides better control options for medical professionals;

facilitates the placement of balloon dilatation catheters during percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) and percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA).


By using a small gauge needle and syringe, locate the vessel. Observe for flashback by inserting appropriate gauge introducer needles into the vessel and carefully flush the guidewire with sterile heparinized normal saline or any other isotonic solution of the same composition, then insert the desired tip of the guidewire through the introducer needle into the vessel. After, start advancing the guidewire to required depth slowly. Note that if resistance is met while advancing a guidewire, you must stop to determine the cause of the resistance before proceeding.
Remove the introducer needle by holding the guidewire in place. Make sure to avoid withdrawing the guidewire back into the cannula, the cannula should always be removed first.


Can I use a safety syringe more than once?
No, you cannot reuse a guidewire, it won’t be sterile anymore after using. Reusing guidewire can be very dangerous for patients contracting a variety of blood-borne diseases.
Can anyone use a guidewire?
The guidewires should only be used by meticulously trained professionals.
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