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A safety needle is a sterile, latex-free, single-use device, which can be used for blood sampling, intravenous injection, subcutaneous injection, intramuscular injection, joint and soft tissue injection, fine needle aspiration and intravitreal injection. Our safety needles are specially fitted with a hinged cap that covers the needle after use so as to reduce the risk of accidental needle sticks. The AccuPoint™ brand of spinal needles, available in a wide range of sizes, from 16G to 27G, with gauge and length varieties.

AccuPoint™ safety needles feature a strong shield that covers the entire cannula after activation for the protection of the user. Safety needles can be activated using a thumb, finger, or a flat surface and is compatible for use with standard Luer slip and Luer lock syringes. AccuPoint safety needles feature a safety shield to cover the needle after application to protect from any injuries by covering the needle after the utilization, a visual and detectable cover to obtain a secured needle which is a safety mechanism, also the hinge in the safety needle that allows for easy adjustment according to the application.

Our safety needle helps to ensure that the hand of the user is safe behind the needle and can be used with one hand. The grip plate in the safety needle makes the injection much easier.


Safety shield covers needle after application to protect the user from any accidental needle sticks.

One-piece design ensures that safety shield and needle remain securely engaged during the application process.

Hinge allows for easy adjustment of the safety shield according to application.


• Start by gripping the base of the needle and turn the syringe clockwise;
• Remove the protective cap carefully from the needle hub to avoid exposure to the sharp needle point;
• Move the safety sheath away from the needle and toward the syringe barrel to the angle shown, prior to removing the needle cap;
• Perform injection procedure according to established technique.
• After the injection use a one-handed technique to activate the safety mechanism using any preferred method and activate the mechanism by pressing the safety shield against a suitable hard and flat surface until you hear an audible click with your thumb or forefinger on the textured finger plate;
• Push the safety shield over the needle until a slight snap is felt and an audible click is heard;
• Perform activation of the safety feature away from yourself and others.


Do safety needles protect healthcare workers?
The safety needle protects the workers from having a risk of exposure to blood-borne diseases through needlestick injuries.
Can we reuse the safety needle?
No. Like all other medical devices that come with a needle, safety needles are meant for only a single-use. Anything other than this does not comply with FDA rules and regulations, and drastically increases the risk of spreading blood-borne diseases such as HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis, etc.
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