Hemodialysis Dialysis Catheter Kit

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Hemodialysis Dialysis Catheter Kit, which is also referred as “dialysis catheter kit” is a large central venous catheter that permits access to the central venous system for acute hemodialysis, rapid fluid administration, apheresis, and hemofiltration/continuous renal replacement therapy.

AccuPoint™ Hemodialysis Dialysis Catheter Kit is a single, double, and triple lumen radiopaque catheter with a polyester cuff. The catheter comes in multiple sizes, ranging from 8 French to 12 French, featuring an innovative radiused distal configuration. Our unique shaped design is intended to leverage the outside of the arc of both the arterial and venous lumens to eliminate the vein wall as an obstruction.

BENEFITS OF Hemodialysis Dialysis Catheter Kit

Equipped with a specially designed soft and tapered tip for smooth and easy insertion of the catheter into the patient’s skin.

The clear radio-opaque material of the catheter along with clear definite markings allow for smooth and easy catheter insertion.

Highgly reduced recirculation rate, as a result of strategically placed venous ports.


There are several insertion sites a physician can use. The right internal jugular vein is the primary anatomical location for long-term hemodialysis catheters. However, the left internal jugular vein, as well as the external jugular veins and subclavian veins can also be used.

When inserting the device, the patient should be in a modified Trendelenburg position, with the upper chest exposed and the head turned slightly to the side opposite the insertion area. As a second step, have the patient lift his/her head from the bed to expose the sternocleidomastoid muscle.

The catheterization process will be performed at the apex of the triangle formed between the two heads of the sternocleidomastoid muscle above the clavicle. The carotid artery should be palpated medial to the point of catheter insertion.

A routine X-ray should always follow the initial insertion of this catheter to confirm proper tip placement before use. To optimize self-centering tip design, the contact point of the curved arterial tip should be positioned in the lower third of the vena cava, with the venous tip in the right atrium or at the junction of the right atrium and superior vena cava. Alternatively, both tips of the catheter may be placed in the right atrium under fluoroscopy.


How long can a dialysis catheter set stay in?
Dialysis catheter kit can stay up to 3 weeks.
Can we force a Hemodialysis Dialysis Catheter Kit?
Avoid inserting or withdrawing the guidewire forcibly from any component as the wire may break or unravel and use of excessive force on the catheter may cause the suture wing to detach from the bifurcation.
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