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Safety syringes are syringes additionally consisting with a safety mechanism. The needle on a safety syringe can be detachable or permanently attached. The safety syringes have a luer lock system build in. With the leak-free feature, the needle is able to be attached to the syringe in a secure manner while being able to be disposed of without requiring to get rid of the needle.

Benefits of Safety Syringes

Equipped with needle stick prevention features.

Comes with a retractable needle sterilizing equipment.

Sterile, Non-toxic and Non-pyrogenic, all of which guarantee safe usage.

Easy to handle; require minimal instruction, or explanation before use.


The safety syringes should only be used once and be disposed afterwards. Re-use can lead to transmission of viruses such as HIV, HBV and HCV as well as bacterial infections and abscesses at the injection site.

In 2000, at the start of the WHO Injection Safety program and of the Safe Injection Global Network (SIGN), WHO estimated that 40% of the 16 billion injections, which were given with used injection equipment led to 21 million new HBV cases (32% of all new cases), 2 million of new HCV cases (40% of all new cases) and around 260 000 HIV cases (5% of all new HIV cases). Other diseases can also be transmitted by using used injection equipment e.g. viral hemorrhagic fevers such as Ebola and Marburg.

Types of Safety Syringes

Luer Lock Syringe: This type of syringe consists with leak free system the needle enable to connect to the syringe without any flaw. The needle is able to be attached to the syringe in a secure manner while having an additional feature of being disposable without removing the needle in a convenient and Eco-friendly manner,


Can I use a safety syringe more than once?
No, you cannot re-use a safety syringes! As the safety syringe comes pre-sterilized, which make people conveniently can use it right away from the package, it won’t be sterile anymore after using. Due to the reason, using used safety syringes can be very dangerous for patients contracting a variety of blood-borne diseases.
How often should I sterilize my syringes?
Syringes come pre-sterilized, and should only be used once before being disposed of. Re-using syringes is not a FDA approved practice. Doing so puts patients at risk of contracting a variety of blood-borne diseases, such as HIV, AIDS, hepatitis etc. It can also lead to a loss in medical licenses among a variety of other consequences.
What happens if I drop my safety syringe?
Since it is made out of plastic, your safety syringe won’t break. However, you might need to dispose of your syringe for a safe manner, as its sterilization can be compromised.
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