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An Intravenous (IV) Cannula is a tube that is inserted into the body, most frequently to administer intravenous fluids or medication and to obtain samples of blood. There are different types of Cannulae. An arterial Cannula is inserted into one’s artery, while a venous Cannula is inserted into one’s vein. IV Cannulas are the the most common for hospital use.


Manufactured using environmentally friendly production techniques.

Pre-sterilized and are ready to use upon opening. NOTE: Do not use if the packaging has been damaged in some way as this compromises the sterilization process.

Used for a variety of different injections, ranging from repeated infusions, blood transfusions, emergency rescue etc.

Available in many different types to meet your every need.


Injection Port Type: This type of Cannula administers medicine such as insulin into the subcutaneous tissue and is similar to an infusion set, with the main difference being that it is designed to connect to a syringe instead of a tubing system.

Pen/Straight Type: This type of Cannula is just your standard simple straight design.

Wing/Butterfly/Scalp Vein Type: This type of Cannula is designed for veni-puncture, or accessing a superficial vein for an injection into your vein or a phlebotomy. It is made up of two flexible bilateral “wings”, a hypodermic needle, flexible transparent tubing and a connector, which attaches to another device, such as a syringe, vacuum tube or extension tube from an infusion pump or IV drip bag, etc.

Y-Type: This type of Cannula is shaped like a Y, allowing for multiple fluids to be attached and administered through the same Cannula.


What is the purpose of an IV Cannula?
It is most commonly used to administer fluids and medication directly into the bloodstream, and also to collect blood samples.
Can I reuse my IV Cannula?
No. Like all other medical devices that come with a needle, IV Cannulae are meant for only a single use. Anything other than this does not comply with FDA rules and regulations, and drastically increases the risk of spreading blood-borne diseases such as HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis, etc.
Can I sterilize my IV Cannula and then reuse it?
No. See above question.
What is an IV Cannula made out of?
AdvaCare Pharma’s AquQuik IV Cannula’s are made out of the highest quality of materials. They consist primarily of plastic; however they also come with a rubber seal and a needle.
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