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An infusion set is used in conjunction with an insulin pump to administer insulin to people suffering from both kinds of diabetes. Infusion sets connect the pump with to the user via a tube ending in a needle, which guides the insulin inside the user’s bloodstream to help regulate their diabetes. Infusion sets usually come with a subcutaneous cannula, an adhesive mount, a quick disconnect and a pump cartridge connector.


They are made out of plastic, and are thus easily disposed of

They are simple to use and require minimal instruction

They are pre-sterilized, so they are ready to use straight out of the package

They come with an air-vented spike, which allows for air circulation in the tubing, a necessity if the insulin comes in a glass container

They come with various tube sizes


The first thing the user has to do is attach the infusion set to a supply of insulin and connect the end to the insulin pump. The pump will them push a quantity of insulin through the infusion set fairly quickly, to make sure no air is in the system. This step is referred to as “priming” and it is very important that the infusion set is not inserted into the skin during this stage as it is difficult to control the delivery of insulin at this point and it is easy to accidentally deliver too much insulin. Next, peel off the paper and insert the needle beneath the skin. Push the needle into the later of fat below the skin, taking the cannula with it. Carefully remove the needle, but leave the cannula under the skin. This process should happen fairly quickly so that the cannula does not get caught around the needle.


Luer Lock: This connects the needle to the infusion set using a leak free system, allowing for the needle to be securely attached to the infusion set, and also ensuring that the infusion set can be disposed of without needing to remove t he needle.

Luer Slip: The Luer Slip prevents leaks from occurring, similarly to the Luer Lock. However, one slips the needle onto the infusion set instead of screwing it onto it. This makes it preferable for administering thinner solutions.


What is an infusion set used for?
An infusion set is used by diabetics to inject insulin into their bodies.
What does Air-Vented Spike mean?
It gives the tube a source of ventilation, which is necessary if the medication you are attaching to your infusion set comes in a glass container. Otherwise, a vacuum will be created and the tube will collapse in on itself and stop working.
Can I reuse my infusion set?
No. Infusion sets are not surgical instruments and as such they are designed for a single use only. This includes if they are re-washed, disinfected or sterilized. Anything more than a single use is not FDA approved and increases your risk of contracting a blood-borne disease such as HIV, AIDS or Hepatitis.
Should I always inject myself in the same place?
No. It is important to vary the infusion site regularly , after each use (between 2-3 days) and consult a doctor regarding which sites are most effective, because the level of insulin absorption can decrease if left in the same spot for too long. This can lead to poorer control of one’s blood glucose. Therefore, it is best if you have a couple of different spots that you rotate placing your infusion set.
What is an infusion set made out of?
Primarily plastic, however there is also a rubber cannula and a needle.
Where are the best places to inject myself with my infusion set?
Most people prefer to use their abdomen. Other places include the upper thigh, upper arm and upper buttocks, hips, lower back.
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