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A needle is a long, slender, cylindrically shaped object with a sharp point on one end that is used for procedures that necessitate some sort of puncturing aspect.


Pre-sterilized for your convenience, so they are ready to use straight out of the packaging.

Easy to use as they require minimal explanation or instruction to properly handle them.

Reduces chance of infection thanks to their sharp tips and smooth surfaces.

Serves two purposes; to inject or extract liquids in and from the body.


Hypodermic needles are used to inject medications in patients for their care or treatment. Choosing the right needle is not always an easy task as modern hypodermic needles come in many sizes and designs. The main system to measuring hypodermic needles diameter is the Birmingham gauge:

• Regular standard sizes for general use are usually thinner needles (within a range which goes from 27G up to 23G);
• For oil based solutions, serums aspirating and other applications standard needles go up to a wider gauge (from 22G to 16G).


Can I reuse my needles?
No. Reusing needles is extremely risky, as doing so drastically increases the chance of spreading blood-borne diseases such as HIV, AIDs and Hepatitis. For this reason, it is against FDA rules and regulations to do so.
What if I sterilize my needle before reusing it?
This option is still not acceptable, nor is it condoned by the FDA. See above question for further reference.
Do the needles come in different sizes?
Yes. AdvaCare offers a variety of needles that vary in both length and width, to ensure that all of your needle needs can be successfully met.
What material are the needles made out of?
AdvaCare Pharma’s needles are made of extremely high quality stainless steel.
What do I do if the packaging is compromised in some way?
If the packaging has been damaged, do not use the needle product inside! The sterilization process will have been rendered useless and thus the needle is not safe to use. Immediately dispose of the needle.
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