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Spinal Needles




A spinal needle is a type of needles, which is typically much longer and thicker than other needles in order to inject fluids directly into the spinal cord. The spinal needles are made of high quality stainless steel. There are two types of spinal needles, the Quincke and the Pencil Point.


They come pre-sterilized for convenience, so they are ready to use straight out of the packaging

Their sharp tips and smooth surfaces reduce the chance of infection

They are color-coded for size identification

Types of Syringes

Luer Lock Syringe: This type of syringe consists with leak free system the needle enable to connect to the syringe without any flaw. The needle is able to be attached to the syringe in a secure manner while having an additional feature of being disposable without removing the needle in a convenient and Eco-friendly manner.


What is the difference between a regular needle and a spinal needle?
The spinal needle is much longer and thicker than other needles; the spinal needle is 90mm where as a regular needle is only 1 1/2" in average, however both of these needles are made out of the same material.
Do the spinal needles come in different sizes?
Yes. AccuPoint offers a variety of needles that vary in both length and width, to ensure that all of your needle needs can be successfully met. AccuPoint provides both the Quincke and Pencil point.
What is the difference between the Quincke and Pencil point?
The Quincke needle is the standard spinal needle, which has a cutting tip. It is commonly used by non-anesthetists for diagnostic lumbar puncture.
The Pencil-Point needle is a needle with a tapered tip that does not damage tissue as much as a beveled needle. Pencil-Point needles are commonly used in lumbar puncture to reduce leakage of cerebrospinal fluid from the subarachnoid space.
What materials are the spinal needles made of?
The spinal needles are made of high quality stainless steel.
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