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A syringe is a medical instrument that is used to administer vaccinations and other serums via injection. It has a needle attached to it that breaks the skin and enters a vein or artery and a pump that when released, pushes liquid straight into the bloodstream. Syringes make up an important part of modern health care, but they must be used in exact accordance with FDA rules and regulations so as to not put one’s patients at risk of various blood-borne diseases, such as HIV, AIDS, or Hepatitis, among others. Therefore, it is extremely important to note that a disposable syringe is meant to be used a single time before being safely disposed of. Disposable syringes are made out of plastic, which enables the user to be able to safely and easily dispose of them after their use without putting themselves or others at risk.


Non-toxic (environmentally friendly) and can be disposed of safely.

The most cost effective syringe being made.

Easy to handle and thus require minimal instruction, training or explanation before use.

Fairly durable, as they are made out of plastic.

Ready to use upon opening as they are pre-sterilized.


Disposable syringes are extremely popular in regions such as Africa, South America and Asia.


Luer Lock Syringe: This type of syringe uses a leak free system to connect the needle to the syringe. The needle is able to be attached to the syringe in a secure manner while giving the syringe the added ability of being able to be disposed of without needing to remove the needle, in an eco-friendly way.

Luer Slip Syringe: Similar to the Luer Lock Syringe, the Luer Slip Syringe stops leaks from happening by eliminating the screwing mechanism to attach the needle onto the syringe. Rather, the user can simply slip the needle onto the syringe for a tight fit. Luer Slip syringes are therefore often preferred by medical professionals when administering thinner solutions.


What are disposable syringes made out of?
They are made out of plastic. This makes them light and easy to handle, as well as easily disposable. NOTE: Avoid extreme heat as they will melt.
How often should I sterilize my disposable syringe?
No. They come pre-sterilized, and should only be used once before being disposed of. Reusing syringes is not a FDA approved practice. Doing so puts your patients at risk of contracting a variety of blood-borne diseases, such as HIV, AIDS, hepatitis etc. It can also lead to a loss in medical licenses among a variety of other consequences.
What happens if I drop my disposable syringe?
Since it is made out of plastic, your disposable syringe won’t break. However, you will need to dispose of your syringe and any vaccination held within it in a safe manner, as the sterilization process will have been compromised.
Who can use disposable syringes?
Only medically trained professionals who have undergone specific training for injections and vaccinations are qualified to handle these medical instruments.
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