Auto-Disable Syringes for Safe Injections

It is undeniable that needles and syringes are essential tools in numerous areas of healthcare and if used incorrectly, it can often lead to deadly diseases and infections. Although auto-disable syringe technology has been available for decades and they offer lots of benefits, they are not still in high use around the world.

The issue of unsafe injections is becoming more prevalent. Several countries are suffering from preventable diseases outbreaks caused by unsafe injection practices. The 9th biggest cause of death in 2014 was the transmission of blood-borne diseases due to the use of unsafe injections. It is therefore unsurprising that approximately 40% of the 16 billion injections administered annually are not safe.

In Cambodia, more than 200 people, including children, all tested positive for HIV and this was linked to the use of unsafe syringes. Similar incident happened in Egypt where the rapid rate of hepatitis C infection has also been attributed to the re-use of needles and syringes. The WHO has also estimated that 1.7 million infections of hepatitis B, 315,000 infections of hepatitis C, and up to 33,800 infections of HIV are due to unsafe injection practices.

This problem is not only in developing countries. The United States of America suffered an outbreak in 2007 where a number of patients in Nevada were infected by hepatitis C because a physician was re-using the same syringe to administer drugs to different patients. In spite of such troubling news, only a 10% of injections administered annually use auto-disable syringes.

The WHO defines a “safe injection” as one which does not harm the recipient, does not expose the provider to any avoidable risk, and does not result in waste that is dangerous for the community. There are four main conditions that make infections potentially dangerous: the reuse of infection equipment, overuse of injections, accidental needle-stick injuries in health-care providers, and unsafe sharps waste. The biggest challenge in the adoption of auto disposable syringes is persuading governments, administrators, and distributors to work towards the WHO’s target. The key to driving the conversion to auto-disable syringes lies in educating stakeholders about the benefits of their use. The main benefits are a reduction of the spread of infection and lowering the risk of re-use, making auto-disable syringes the safest device for injections.

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In addition, the auto-disable syringe is very easy to use, needing minimal instruction and is typically being dose specific. Moreover, syringes can be customized to accommodate for specific market needs.

Available customizations include:

• Luer lock: is leak free system that connects the needle to the syringe. This specific lock allows the needle to be screwed on for a secure fastening. The syringe can then be disposed of without the need of taking off the needle

• Luer slip: is simply slid directly on to the syringe. It is more suitable for the administration of thinner solutions.

The auto-disable syringe is beneficial in many ways, to many people, at a little or no cost increase to the distributors. Data shows that there has already been an 86% reduction of unsafe injections between 2000 and 2010 in 71 countries that were monitored. However, there is still much to do to reach WHO’s target, with most manufacturer’s still focused on producing basic syringes. Both the WHO and UNICEF are currently recommending the replacement of disposable syringes with auto-disable syringes when administering vaccines, especially in mass immunization programs.

Understanding the need for auto-disable syringes, AccuPoint Injection Instruments has already started to focus on the distribution of auto-disable syringes. Our auto-disable syringes are non-toxic, sterile, non-phylogenic, and are made from high quality materials. The transparent barrel allows for an accurate measurement and detection of air bubbles, making them both user-friendly and safe.

At AccuPoint Injection Instruments, we sincerely care about improving health of the population. With the mission of contributing to a positive impact across the world, we will take part in advocating the use of auto-disable syringes by providing high-ended products at an economic price for our consumers.

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