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A surgical blade, otherwise known as a scalpel, is a small, extremely sharp knife-like object primarily used to perform incisions during surgeries and dissections. Surgical blades can be designed to be disposable or reusable, the difference being that the blades of the reusable ones can be re-sharpened or replaceable. AccuPoint offers the disposable type, which is only meant for a single use and is then discarded. This type of surgical blade is pre-sterilized and comes in a pack of ten.


Pre-sterilized by Gamma radiation and are ready to use right away

Reduce the chance of infection if used only once and then properly disposed of

Extremely sharp and enable surgeons to easily make clean, exact incisions

Come in packages of ten to reduce packaging waste

The doctor or medical professional wielding the surgical blade does not have to worry about sanitation

Eliminates the possibility of becoming dull or damaged as they are only used a single time, which ensures that the medical professional will be using a more effective medical instrument during surgery


AccuPoint™ offers its clients disposable scalpels that come in sealed, pre-sterilized packages of ten.


What are surgical blades used for?
A surgical blade’s primary purpose is to perform incisions during surgeries and dissections. However, they have been known to be used for other purposes such as arts and crafts. The latter is not recommended by AccuPoint as it is not the intended use of our particular kind of surgical blade.
Can I reuse a surgical blade?
No. These specific surgical blades were only meant for a single use; after which they should be disposed of.
How were the surgical blades sterilized?
They were sterilized using gamma radiation. This is a similar process to X-rays - both are a form of electromagnetism; however gamma radiation uses higher energy.
Should I sharpen my surgical blades before or after using them?
No. Since the surgical blades that AccuPoint offers come ready to use straight out of the package, there is no need to sharpen them before using. Doing so could even potentially damage the blades, as they are not meant to be sharpened. The act of sharpening them result in a less sharp, less smooth, non-sterile product. In answer to whether one should sharpen them after using them, the answer remains no. Since surgical blades are only meant to be used a single time, there is no reason for you to sharpen them post-use as they should be immediately discarded.
What should I do if the package is damaged or broken in some way?
If the package is damaged or broken the sterilization process will have been compromised. Immediately dispose of the entire package of surgical blades, they are no longer fit for medical or any other purposes.
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